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President's Desk

Dear Teachers , Parents & Students,
Alpine Valley Public School, Aklia has fulfilled its commitment by empowering every child who has entered its portals with courage of conviction and strength of character to tide over the trials and tribulations of life. It is also a matter of great joy for me to see that at the same time the school is keeping pace with the rest of world. Our students have been taught to strike the right balance between tradition and modernization.
Alpine Valley Public School will continue to impart knowledge with virtue and moral excellence, therefore, instilling in each of its students the values of life. If we succeed in inculcating in them the internal values of trust, honesty, service before self, our mission will be fulfilled.
In the last 5 years school has shown tremendous progress. I dedicate this success to the hard work and undying support of our staff and students.
Today it is dedicated to the twin tasks of interpreting the age old yet ageless message of our country of integration of our varied and vibrant culture with the changing needs of the present day world. School endeavours to help each child discover and develop one's innate talents and abilities. Conscious effort is made to foster pride and love for the country and its great heritage and tradition of tolerance epitomised in the noble phrase. We believe in keeping one step at a time but very firmly to make sure that it takes us to the next step on the ladder of success.
Last but not the least I wish the staff and the students’ success in all their future endeavours and traverse the greater heights of academic excellence and holistic growth